Boat Trip : The Summary 1/3

Boat Trip : The Summary 1/3

Sorry for the silence.

We recently finished our one month catamaran charter in the Andaman Sea, and are currently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We’ll put together more blog posts in the near future to fill you in on our adventures up to this point.

While on the boat, we rarely had access to the Internet, and had limited access to electricity to charge our numerous devices.  The result was that everybody spent nearly the whole month without using our electronics. I believe it set some sort of record for this family.

Everyone coped by doing a lot of swimming, snorkeling, hunting for hermit crabs, reading (sometimes the same book over and over again, because books were in short supply as well), a little bit of game playing (a game called SET seemed to be the favorite), and a fair amount of squabbling (of course).