Paddle thru a Cave

I’ve managed to throw together a video made from footage of a fun filled day on the the Nam Lang River. After editing, I have so much respect for the Whitehead family, who put out a badass video at hockey season’s end every year…from much more footage. ¬†Sheesh… & Kelly finally gets her computer back.

Zach, Alex and I jumped on a short kayaking tour offered by the guesthouse¬†we’re staying at. It’s likely a bit long for most viewers, but then again our family will have fun watching it in full length again someday! The float runs through a cave full of bats, it’s size difficult to describe. Maybe about the size of the Kingdome? The run through the cave is near the beginning of the clip, shots of the kids and a bunch of my very novice paddling skills follow. Enjoy!

And thanks again Pop for the GoPro.



What day is it?

What day is it?

It feels good to be completely unaware of what day of the week it is. Yesterday, Kelly asked me what day it was…I had no idea. We’ve managed to cover a bunch of ground since I posted last. At the moment, we’re about 5 days into our stay at a lodge in northern Thailand. I think we have about 5 more here before our next adventure. Or is it 7?

This “electronic journal” (refusing to admit I’m blogging) is serving more than one purpose. Of course, it is fun to share bits of our experience with friends and family through the words and photos logged here. I, however, have recognized over the years that memories do fade. In order to preserve a few, as my ability to remember decays, I’m excited to selfishly document. This “computerized memoir” fits the bill, it is my brain’s hair tonic. So, in order to keep things in order, I will back up.