Nelius Family Photos

Impressions of Copenhagen

As Eric already mentioned, Copenhagen was a bit of a blur because jet lag was in full force, but we certainly did make our way out to explore– sleep deprived and half-conscious as we were.

Denmark, Port of Entry

So, Copenhagen was a blur. The whole jetlag thing is VERY real. If I was at home feeling like this I'd be laying around in my underwear, staggering around scratching my backside. Instead, I drank coffee...lots of it...and roamed the streets with Kelly and the Boys....

May 20-23 / Anchorage, USA to Copenhagen, Denmark

We made it! It's 4 AM here, 6PM back home. I can't sleep, everyone else is snoring. Same as usual. Good time to share some photos. In an effort to document our trip for the family without boring everyone, I'm going to write less. Photos with captions it'll be. We have...